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ZendStudio and php extentions October 27, 2006

Posted by maxmil in : php , trackback

Just installed and started to work with ZendStudio. My first problem was getting the internal debugger to function properly. It could’nt load the mysqli extention. The error that i was getting was:

Class 'mysqli' not found

As described in this knowledge base article you have to specify the php extentions directoy in the Zend Studio php.ini. I copied my php extentions from another installation of php to my Zend directory and edited php.ini. However after doing this it still didn’t work.

Eventually i found the solution. The php version that my Zend Studio uses is 5.1.1 whilst i had copied extentions from 5.1.6

After downloading the binaries for version 5.1.1 and extracting the extentions it worked without a problem.


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