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Increase VM memory for eclipse May 9, 2006

Posted by maxmil in : eclipse,Java,tomcat , trackback

Sometimes when running tomcat inside eclipse i've been getting VM out of memory errors.

To solve this problem..

Go to window->preferences->java-installed jre's->edit

and add the values:

-Xms512m -Xmx512m -Xss256k (or the amount of memory you want)

eclipse starts tomcat with those values.


1. Bart van der Wal - February 25, 2009

Thanks! Works great :).

Small elaboration:
Choose a JRM from the list before pressing ‘Edit..’ and add the ‘-Xm..’ string to the field ‘Default VM Arguments’ (at least that’s how it worked in the Eclipse v3.4.1 (Ganymede) I use.