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Merging branches with subversion May 9, 2008

Posted by maxmil in : Subversion , trackback

A quick note to myself of the steps to take to merge a branch with the trunk using svn command line client.

1) Check out copy of trunk to a new foldersvn co svn://server/path/to/trunk
2) Check out a copy of the branch you are going to mergesvn co svn://server/path/to/branch/myBranch
3) Change directory to branchcd myBranch
4) Get the first revision number for myBranch. Look for the last revision numbersvn log --stop-on-copyNote the revision number of the branch.
5) Change to trunkcd ../trunk
6) Get last revision number of trunksnv up
7) Perform mergesvn merge -rBranchRevisionNumber:TrunkRevisionNumber svn://server/path/to/branch/myBranchWhere BranchRevisionNumber and TrunkRevisionNumber should be replaced by the numbers noted in earlier steps.
8) Resolve any conflicts.
9) Commit new version of trunksvn ci


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