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Google Maps – get latitude and longtitude for a location November 25, 2008

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Useful trick that i got from here

Navigate so that the point you want is in the center of the map.

Then put this in the address bar of your browser.


Note remove the $’s from the above command. I had too put them in to allow my WYSIWIG editor to process the code.

Lightbox a fantastic javascript library May 8, 2008

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Great way to display popup images in web pages.


Determine window size with javascript July 26, 2007

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This is a good article.


Firebug – fantastic plugin April 30, 2007

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I wish that i’d found this earlier. Firebug is a web development plugin for firefox with a whole load of excellent features. Check it out!

Making ajax calls from opener bug in firefox February 21, 2007

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I’ve stumbled on a problem using ajax in firefox. I have a popup window that when the user clicks the “Accept” button invokes a method in its opener and closes. Whatsmore the method called in the opener is an ajax call. In the popup the code looks something like this:opener.makeAjaxCall();

The problem with this is that the XMLHttpRequest object that comes back from the call is empty. It turns out that this is a documented bug in firefox (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=317600). The problem is that the request object is incorrectly associated with the popup window rather than its opener.

Fortunately there is a work around for this that involves calling the openers method in a setTimeout. By using a setTimeout the call will be associated to the opener rather than the popup. The resulting code would look like this:opener.setTimeout('makeAjaxCall()', 0);

Subverting Ajax January 13, 2007

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Security risks related to Ajax and ways to execute javascript using XSS.



Númeric precision in javascript September 26, 2006

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Due the the limited number of bytes that javascript uses to store numbers certain decimals are not stored exactly.

For example try this:


Thus for númeric precision rounding should always be aplied to and mathematical operation.