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Convert otf to ttf March 4, 2009

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Using fontforge (available in main debian repository) create the script otf2ttf.sh:

# Quick and dirty hack: converts a font to truetype (.ttf)
Print("Opening "+$1);
Print("Saving "+$1:r+".ttf");

Now pass as parameter to fontforge

fontforge -script otf2ttf.sh fontName.otf

To process a directory of fonts:

for i in *.otf; do fontforge -script otf2ttf.sh $i; done

This info was found here

A better console for Windows – cygwin + console March 22, 2007

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Tired of cmd.exe in windows i am pleased with my new set up with cygwin within console. Console has a very tasty and easily customizable gui and cygwin offers all the basic Unix commands.

This is how to install an set it all up:

1) Download setup.exe from cygwin and install (note: cannot install to directory that contains spaces (linke “Program Files”)
2) Download Console (Version 2) and unpack.
3) Run program Console.exe
4) Edit settings, in main tab put shell -> C:\cygwin\cygwin.bat

Alt key codes June 4, 2006

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To get accents on English on an keyboard you can use alt key codes. With alt held down and the number pad (with num-lock on) here are a few codes

# ALT + 0224 = à ALT + 0225 = á
# ALT + 0232 = è ALT + 0233 = é ALT + 0200 = È
# ALT + 0242 = ò ALT + 0243 = ó ALT + 0241 = ñ

Regular Expressions quick start May 24, 2006

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Check out this page for a quick start and reference: